How to choose the right bookmaker in 7 steps? Part 2

4) Types of bets

Did you know that sázkovka Bet-At-Home donates each punters to 2500 CZK? The ideal way to step into the world of betting …

You should definitely find a sportsbook that enables the delivery of all types of bets. Some lower quality bookmakers do not support some formats bets, which in the future you can prepare for a big profit.

5) Betting Limits

When you are just starting to bet, it is not generally a problem. Your bankroll will only grow and the amount that you bet on individual matches are still relatively small. Still, you need to find sázkovku that can handle “your action” even in a year or two. Some lower quality bookmakers tend players who gamble a lot (or lots of wins) remove bets or even withhold money.

6) Betting Odds

Absolutely simple (but essential) point. You simply have to find a sportsbook that will offer you favorable rates. If for example you want to bet on Chelsea, you’ll want to bet with the best odds. When will one sázkovka at Chelsea win rate of 1.40 and the second course should be two tenths higher, there is no single reason for you to bet with worse odds. In the long run, it is also accrue a tenth differences and put together a fairly large sum.

7) Bonuses

Many bookmakers offer new punters a welcome bonus. Some bookmakers also continuously hold various events or bonus punters can bet without risk, for example. If you choose sázkovku, which is in the generous bonuses, you can increase your profit decently.

One or more accounts?
Many bettors make the mistake that you open an account with only one bookmakers. Why is this a mistake? Because it yourself preparing for a possible advantage. Choose a better example, three bookmakers, where to open an account and you will be the individual betting opportunities to compare what different bookmakers offer odds. You will maximize your profit.

Another advantage is that you can draw a welcome bonus several times. Virtually every sázkovka today offers an interesting entry bonus and other benefits. Several examples of such bonuses can be found below:

  • Unibet offers a 100% bonus on your first deposit of up to CZK 1 500 and € 10 bet via mobile phone without risk.
  • Bet-at-Home offers a deposit bonus of up to 2500 CZK.
  • Betway offers risk-free bet of up to 625 CZK.
  • Expekt offer risk-free bet of up to 1 500 CZK.
  • Betclic offers risk-free bet of up to 1 000 CZK.

All of the above sázkovky we tested and can confirm that they are reliable, offering competitive rates and very interesting bonuses. Moreover, they are completely in English and have excellent customer support.

If you have an account with only one sázkovky, practically it issued at their mercy. By creating an account with multiple sázkovek greatly increases your chances of achieving long-term profit.


As you of the above understanding, selection bookmakers is tremendously important factor. We dare to say that for a relatively large percentage of bettors may just sázkovky choice to decide if they become long-term gain or a loss were punters.

Enjoy the fact that you have a lot of freedom on the Internet, make a thorough research and then choose several sázkovek. Always then the betting opportunity for the bet that will offer you the best rate. Think about bookmakers as the savings account – before putting money into a bank, you can certainly find out about it as much information.